Write us something honest about your day and submit it - a stranger will read it out loud during an episode.



Record yourself reading a submission written by a stranger using our built-in app and we'll play it on the podcast.


write us about your day

Want to share something with us but don't want anyone to hear your voice? Pick a pseudonym and write us something honest about your day before you go to bed. Whatever you write will get read out loud by a stranger on the podcast.


what to send us

There are essentially no rules for what you write. Your submission does not have to be prolific or contain any deep secrets, all we ask is that you just reflect and tell us anything you want about what you experienced. 

Please try to tell us about your whole day rather than one specific event, however.

Remember - we want to keep this as anonymous as possible so no real names of people, companies/businesses or specific locations.

For a list of what you can or can’t include, or just more information, please check out the FAQ here .


type your submission here

Please do try to tell us about your whole day rather than one specific event.

Remember to not use names of friends, family members, commercial properties, or locations more specific than an overall city/town.
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record yourself reading about the day of someone else

Fill out the recording-request form below and we’ll send you instructions and an anonymous submission for you to record yourself reading. Think of it as literary karaoke. 

Once you receive your submission, please use the recording app below. If we don’t hear back from you within 5 days we’ll pass along the written submission to the next requestor. 

More information about reading and recording can be found at the FAQ here.


form to request a submission

We'd love to hear how you heard about this podcast or why you're interested in participating
I am over 18 or have permission from a parent or guardian *
terms and conditions *

record yourself reading here

Pick a quiet space! 

Remember: Say your alias and the name of the writer in one or two sentences before you start reading the submission. We don’t want you to use your real name, your job, or your specific location!

Example: “Hey everyone, this is Hawkguy reading from a cabin somewhere in cozy Romania. Today I'll be reading a submission from the Summer Soldier."


Example: “Hey everyone, this is Arrow. The following words were written by someone who wants to go by Apollo.

As SpeakPipe only allows 5 minutes, you may have to submit your reading through several parts. When nearing the 5 minute mark, find a place to pause and send that through, then start another recording where you left off,  repeating as many times as needed. 

By submitting a recording or leaving a voicemail you agree to our Terms and Conditions. 

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