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Artist Residency at the South Central Library

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that I'll be the artist-in-residence at Louisville's South Central Library for the whole month of November 2017! I'm literally SO excited to be here with the Imagining Other People project and have set up my studio as a little "recording hub" and  have opened up the space for anyone to come in and tell me about their day, write a submission, or read someone else's writing!  I'll be posting periodic updates on the IOP Instagram, so be sure to check it out. Super looking forward to (and a little nervous, admittedly!) a really great month. Come in and say hi! 

Rebrand and new format!

Hey everyone!

Got some great feedback on the first episode and have since put the podcast under a bit of a rework. With a new name and simpler ways to get involved, Alex has been working hard to make this podcast even more succinct and accessible to all. 

Stay tuned for the relaunch coming in early March 2017! 

Welcome to the podcast!

Hey everyone!

This is so exciting - we don't have any episodes yet but are hoping to launch in around November or December at the latest.  But we need your help first.

To put together these first few episodes, Alex is looking for brave contributors to share their stories - completely anonymously!  There are two ways to get involved:

WRITE: Write us something honest about your day and submit it - a stranger will read it out loud during an episode.

READ: Record yourself reading a submission written by a stranger using our built-in app and we'll play it on the podcast.

We are SO looking forward to launch and expanding the Imagining 50 Other People project. Can't wait to hear from all of you and learn more about the world soon.

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