Ever wondered how other people live their lives? Or what other people are thinking? Or what life is like somewhere else?

Alex does. All the time.

Imagining Other People is a podcast that explores the lives of people all around the world through listener submissions and recordings.

Hosted by Alex Serpentini, this podcast is a spinoff of a larger artistic series called Imagining 50 Other People, in which Alex asks the same 50 strangers from around the world to write something honest about their day. This compilation of anonymous stories, submitted every June 15th, will be published in 2018 at the end of 5 years. You can read more about it here.



Your Host: Alex Serpentini

Photo by  Sarah Davis

Photo by Sarah Davis

Your host is a lifelong listener and collector whose artistic practice is dedicated to overcoming the difficulty of imagining other people. Alex is a social-practice and performance artist and likes projects that are collaborative and community-rooted.

Alex loves creative coding, interactive design, AR&VR, comics, riding trains, BTS, all three Captain Americas, Slytherins, Star Trek, houseplants, Skyrim, and teaching.